New Look! 06/28/2010
Hey! How do you guys like our new look? Also, email us at! I>S>O!! Improvments, Suggestions, Opinions!! Send us them please!
FAN CLUB!!! 04/27/2009

If you enjoyed this site,e than you can become part of the fan club!! All you have to do is blog us on this blog and say;" Hi, my name is ______________ (preferably, use a fake name EX: recycler 234) and I found/took interest in this site. I would like to become a part of the fan club"
Then, list two ways or more that you save the planet! If Lane and Ave decide that your ways are nice ways to help us, then you might see your name on the Fan Club page!! Hope to see your name there!

Make the switch 04/27/2009

Hello people of the world! Hey, I bet you have seen those light bulbs that are twisty and kind of funny look'n? Well those are called CFL bulbs and they are efficient to saving energy. Make the switch. Go to a store near you to get these bulbs today.


How do you recycle? How do you help the earth? Do you clean out your desk every two months? Do you turn off your light befor you leave? What do you do? 

Do you Recycle? 10/19/2008

Well do you? How? Go on, tell everyone how you recycle and why its important. Don't be shy!


how did you get to know this website? your friend told you? an e-mail? Lane and I want to know how you heard about this website. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Ideas 07/16/2008

Please leave a blog here to tell us how you think we could improve our website. Any ideas you have, a page to make this website more interesting, or another blog or ANYTHING!!! PLEASE BLOG ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE!!!!!! If you don't know how to start, you can start with; I was thinking..., It would be nice if... Oh! You should add...

Short story 07/08/2008

If you would like, you may write a short story from a homeless persons point of view or an abused animal get inside their shoes! How does it feel? Click on Comments and leave a reply.

questions 07/03/2008

if you have any questions, you can ask them here. Lane or Ave will answer them, or other helping people. you are free to answer any questions. click on comments and leave a reply.