1.- Make a video/skit like the ones we made
2.- Email it to
3.- Wait for results!!! We will email you if you win!!
We will post the winning video up on the site for 1 month!!
Please email us for more information or if you have any comments, suggestions, opinions or questions! Thanks!! Registered & Protected

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Saving The World

This site can show you how to save the world. Our site makers (Lane and Ave) have worked very hard to put this together. But all this hard work can only pay off, if you tell your friends about this. So please, send out an email to all of your friends, telling them about our site. We have the games, tips, a fan club and much much more!!!

Save the World. That is our mission. It takes more than two people though. SOME PEOPLE say that two people can't make a difference to save the world. Thats why we need you! Recycle. Reuse. Reduce. This site can make a difference if we all work at it. If you tell your friends about it and really do what is says to do than maybe we can save the world. It will take everyone. Seriously. everyone, people. Everyone. Save it. Earth is our home. We have to keep it clean. Please. Saving the world is saving yourself!!! If the earth dies, we die. Be kind.  Go about your lives. But maybe every once and a while bring up a new subject: Saving the world. Please blog us so we know that you visited our website. The more veiwers the closer we might get to saving everything. (please leave a comment, the blog page is called "Tell Us") Thanks!!!

- Lane and Ave

Rules of this site

In order for this website to be safe and enjoyable to others, we must have a few rules. Sorry, but we must.

1)No inappropriate lanugage (cussing etc) on the blogs

2) please do not release any personal information on the blog also, please use a fake name ex: recycler

3) On the blog posts answer the question or comment. Don't answer your own inside comment or question.

4) Have fun and tell your friends!!

Our pages

Home page- You are on the home page. Read it if you already haven't.

Tell Us- Tell Us is our blog where you can Tell Us all about what you have done to save the world.-please do, so we know you were on our site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, you can sign up 4 our new STW fan club!

How you can do it- is about how you can help the world and figure out who you really are and do you do this or that kind of thing.

About Us- Tells you all about our site makers. You can learn some interesting facts and see if you are anything like them.

Fun Stuff!- Saving the world is fun, so Lane and I added a new fun page!!!

Fan Club- this is where you will see the names of the people who  are in the STW fan club. Thanks to all them!

Newsletter/video blog- Where you can read the monthly newsletter and watch Lane and Ave's video blogs, monthly! In our opinion, the BEST page on the site! Registered & Protected