Help us help you save the world (?)

Do you...?

Do you recycle? Do you litter? Do you think about what you are doing when you toss a piece of old paper into the blue bin? Or do you toss good paper into the trash? Do you occasionally feed the homeless? Or do you drive by them feeling nothing for them? Do you do some of these things? Some of them are good. Others are bad. If I had to answer those questions then I know what my answers would be. Yes. NO. Yes. No. Yes. No.

That is what your answers should be. Is it? Do you?

You should recycle. You should help the helpless. Don't toss good paper to the trash.

Try to do it. Try not to do it.

Who are you?

Are you a litterbug? Are you a recycler? Who are you?

 If you are the recycler, then you have the correct answer! You are doing so well recycling. But remember, tell your friends or family that are litterbugs to stop littering. They are the ones killing the Earth. Tell them that the Earth is our home. We need it.

You can make a difference. It takes more than one person.

Please don't be a litterbug and help everybody to save the Earth. And to save yourself.

Go to Tell Us and tell us how you make a difference everyday.


Recycle. Be kind. Littering and polluting is bad for our air and oceans. WE need air. SEA creatures need oceans.  Go around your neighborhood and pick up trash. Plant a tree. spend a sunny day out in the garden, planting trees or flowers. Think. How?

Things You Can Do To Help

Here is a list of what you can do everyday to help save the world!:

 If you go somewhere and see a plastic bag on the ground, or a plastic cup tumbling in the street, pick it up and throw it away!

 Donate all of your old books to your local/school library, don't just throw them away!

 Make a sandwich and give it to a homeless person or dog.

 Donate part of your allowance to a person/animal shelter.

 Go to your local HEB, or grocery store, and buy/plant some flower seeds around your neighborhood.

 Remind your family members to dry their hands on a cloth towel, not a paper one, when they wash their hands.

 Hang your clothes to dry, don't use the dryer!

 Turn off all unnessesary lights/appliances to save electricity.

: Don't use paper plates or cups that often, unless you rinse them out and reuse!

 If you live near a water source (lake, ocean, river, etc.) go to it's banks and pick up the trash you see!

 Pick up all of the trash around your neighborhood.

 Donate some of your family's outgrown clothes to a people's shelter.

 Don't use your PSP, Nintendo, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox, or any of the electronic video games for a day, go outside!

Turn off all electronic devices when you aren't using them.

 Don't throw away any pieces of paper that can be used again.

If you are going somewhere near where you are, don't go in a car, ride your bike/scooter or walk.

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