Our Makers

Our makers are Lane and Ave. They worked very hard to put this website together for you. And guess what? they really don't want the earth to die. 

    Lane and Ave are just some people out there, but you see, we can be different than most kids. We save the world. One step at a time.


Lane lives in the U.S.A. with her family of six! She is one of four kids. The oldest. She has always dreamed about making the world a better place. "Saving the Earth is saving yourself" she says "Earth is our home. We can't trash it."

Lane is always recycling when possible.  Please 'o please. Save it. Just save it.  " If we all pitch in, we can make a difference. You can. I can. I have dreamed about making a difference, I want it to come true."

Lane also preforms. She sings, dances and acts.
I like cake



Ave lives in Central America. It is a very beautiful place with lots of very nice beaches and places to visit. "I love living in central america, but some people there litter. They shouldn't, but they do. All over the world people litter. Please don't."

Ave is an animal lover. expecailly sea animals. She definitely doesn't want people to litter, because when people litter, the trash eventually ends up in oceans.

Her friends tell her that she is fun to be around, and generous. She will care for anybody and anything.

Ave loves it when people recycle, clean up trash, help the helpless animals, or people. "Whenever you recycle, you help people and animals across the world. helping others is one of the nicest things you can do."

I like cake.

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